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Tiffany’s Efforts to Control Counterfeiting Practices

  • Tiffany has been making continued efforts to ensure that counterfeiters are prosecuted for their illegal practices. The main aim of this struggle against counterfeiters is to protect consumers from being cheated. Tiffany is helping to create informative websites with an aim to curb the proliferation of this illegal industry that has been making a negative impact on the society at large. To make sure that consumers buy only genuine Tiffany jewelry, thereby protecting themselves, Tiffany has an official website and many luxury stores worldwide, where you can buy genuine Tiffany products.

  • You can take your complaints to Tiffany’s and be sure that it will be treated with complete seriousness. Tiffany offers complete support in tracking down counterfeiters and will do everything possible to ensure the websites are pulled offline through litigation, since it is the best way to protect consumers from counterfeiters’ deception. Whether you are planning to buy a Tiffany necklace, bracelet, watch or earring; make sure that you visit Tiffany’s official website or a luxury store near you to order your genuine Tiffany jewelry.

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